Thrumb Mitten Workshop

Posted by on Nov 28, 2013 |

I am so excited to have scheduled a thrumb mitten class. These kits have been in the store for a short time and always seem to generate lots of discussion. I will admit to attempting this once before but I couldn’t get the thrumb right. There is certainly a skill to it and you will learn that skill from Patrick Madden. Patrick has taught many knitting workshops in a number of locations across Ontario. He’s also the former VP of the Downtown Knit Collective and is always very helpful and personable. I had ordered enough kits for this workshop but have sold some so will be placing a new order by December 7th. The wool and fleece for these are hand dyed to order and I need to leave a bit of time for Fleece Artist to take time off at Christmas. If you’d like to sign up for this workshop come in to Wool-Gathering as soon as possible to pay for the course and the kit ($55 total). Please check out Fleece Artist colours at: and choose which you would like for the main colour. Fleece Artist will then dye fleece to...

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Felted Slippers

Posted by on Nov 24, 2013 |

Update on the felted slippers below. Yesterday was a whirlwind in the store. I didn’t think many people would venture out since we had a mini-blizzard just after I opened the door but possibly the change in weather got people thinking about knitting and hooking. A friend of mine came in and stayed for a bit to finish the first of a pair of slippers (midnattsol on Ravelry) that will be felted and will make a lovely holiday gift. I have now pulled some Briggs and Little off the shelf to make a few pairs myself. They are a very quick knit (my friend finished one and sewed it up while we visited) and unless you want different colours, this is a one skein project. Another lady saw the finished slipper and bought a skein to make a pair for her niece. Too bad I wasn’t thinking enough to pull out my camera and take a picture. I will have to remember to ask her to bring them back before she felts them and then after so I can post pictures. Of course, if I can finish the project I am working on today I might be able to get started on my own pair and could take pictures of those. November 26: My friend came back on Sunday and finished the other slipper. I took pictures this time but of course I didn’t put a ruler or something like that in the picture for reference. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll see these are large but they will be perfect when they are felted. This is what the slipper looks like when the knitting is finished. It’s just a bunch of blocks but when sewn together it looks like this: I will get a picture of it felted hopefully this week. If you’re looking for an impressive, quick knit to give this holiday season this is it. I am so impressed with the ease of this project. I hope to get these on my needles later this week. Stay...

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It Happened at the Creative Festival…

Posted by on Nov 16, 2013 |

I was at the store tonight and started hooking a rug I have had hanging around for way too long. It’s a hit n miss rug of all different size squares and rectangles. I’ve been working on it off and on and like that I can start and stop without much thought. Tonight though when I started, I set up on my frame with a one inch square dead center. The square had been hooked by a lady from China who was in Toronto visiting her daughter. They both decided to come to the Festival and thankfully they found my booth. The mother could not speak English but the daughter translated everything for both of us. The mother was fascinated with hooking and took to it immediately. She watched me work for a bit and then I asked if she wanted to try. She did, so she sat down and started hooking. In no time she had that one inch square hooked and her loops were almost perfect. She bought a kit and asked me if I’d be back at the Festival next year. I was silent for a minute and almost said I wasn’t even sure if I’d be in business in a year but I ended up saying I didn’t know. She asked me to please be there next year because she wanted to come back and show me the beautiful trivet she made from the kit she bought. She then gave me one of the nicest hugs I have ever had. I decided to keep the square she hooked and am planning to finish the rug to have in my booth next year. I hope she comes back and I can point out her work in the rug. If you see the rug you may think it would be hard to find that one square but each time I look at the rug my eyes are drawn right to it. I have one regret though. I wish I’d thought to give her the sample I had at the show. She does not read English so could not understand the directions in the kit and having that sample would have helped. I know it’s a long-shot but if the daughter ever reads this please email me and let me know where I can send the trivet so your mother has something to work...

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Knitting Cables

Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 |

I read an article once that said knitters fall in to two distinct categories: those who knit cables and those who knit using different colours (is there a name for that?). The article implied that there is no cross-over between the two groups. I wish I could find that article since I may be remembering it wrong but either way, I don’t necessarily agree with that statement. However, I think we all have a preference and mine is definitely for the cables. I love the texture and design of a cabled sweater. Also, the challenge of a cabled garment is a direct contrast to the mindless simplicity of rug hooking. That’s why I was thrilled to see the latest edition of Interweave Knits. There are a number of great cable designs and I’m finding it hard to decide which one to start with. In addition to these patterns I have been eyeing the FLAK workshop on Ravelry. I have had some customers in the store wearing the sweater that they have made through the FLAK workshop and each is different and personal. I like that. There are a few copies of Interweave Knits in the store and we have a number of yarns which would be beautiful for a cabled garment. Why not come in and choose something you like and then sit with me for a bit and get...

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Knitting Presents – there’s still time.

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 |

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is a little more than 6 weeks away. If you’re stuck for ideas for presents for someone on your list come in and talk to me. We have a number of one skein quick knit ideas in the store. This year cowls are very popular and since most of them are knit on circular needles not only are the quick but they’re not very difficult either. There’s plenty of room in the store to sit and knit or hook so come in and get started. If you’d like to leave your project at the store so the person you’re knitting for doesn’t see it, let me know and I’ll clear out a cupboard for...

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