Ever Evolving….

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This business is very different than I thought it would be when I started. There were things I could not anticipate, things I didn’t even think to consider and opportunities I didn’t know existed. After the recent and very successful weekend at the Creativ Festival in Mississauga I have decided to do as many of these types of shows as I can find. Things have slowed for the spring but luckily this appears to be when festivals and events are ramping up. So, I will be closing the store here and there to go to these shows. I had the store open in January when I went to a rug hooking event but the store looked awful with half of the inventory removed so I think it’s better to close the store. I will post a notice on the door well in advance of closing and will try to update my website – I am social media illiterate but will try to figure this out. And, since it takes quite a bit to prepare for the shows I am going to change the store hours for the summer. I set my original hours with the intention of being open as much as I could but found it was too much. I changed the hours in January and will change them again after the long weekend in May. I haven’t made any decisions yet on the new hours but this is what I’m thinking: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – closed. Wed – Friday 6pm to 8pm Saturday 10-5. Now, if I’m at a show and I close on Saturday then I will open Sunday 12-4. And, I might also stay open Tuesday night – I don’t know. Also, I live 5 minutes from the store and will be at the store often getting ready for shows. When I’m there I will put the ‘open’ sign up. You can also phone me and let me know you’d like to come by and I will open the store. I know people might feel they are putting me out by doing this but honestly I will be spending loads of time at the store making kits, creating knitted items and patterns, packing and unpacking so it’s no problem at all. If I know you well enough I may even put you to work for a bit 🙂 Thanks for all the feedback on my...

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A busy spring means I’m overdue for a blog post

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It’s been a while since I posted – I thought when I opened the store that the spring and summer would be very quiet. I was more than a little afraid I would be right. But so far it hasn’t been quiet, just different. Instead of the larger sweater type projects people bought in the winter, smaller projects – one or two skeins – seem to be what people are looking for. And things I thought would only sell in winter (Thrum kits) are more popular now. I’ve even been performing an informal survey asking people if they slow down on their knitting in the summer and most people don’t. In fact, I’ve had a few people in who have already started on their Christmas knitting. And add to this the very busy event season that is starting and I’m beginning to wonder if I will be busier in the next few months than I was in the winter. The Creativ Festival in Mississauga is the start of the craft events and I hope to see you all there. One of my new friends will be giving a free demonstration on thrum mittens Friday at 5:30 and Saturday at 9:30. There will also be rug hooking demonstrations in my booth (booth 120) so please drop by and see me. At the end of May the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild is having their annual meeting in Oshawa at Durham College. This is a members only event until the Sunday when they will be open to the public. There will be a large gallery of rugs so please drop by Sunday and see the beautiful work that is going on. I have already signed up for a number of smaller events all over Southern Ontario and have decided to close the store while I’m there. If I can figure out how to update the website I will post the ‘closed’ dates. I will also post them in the store well in advance, and will post them at the bottom of this post. I have also posted a number of events today. I’m really excited about the Annual Summer Camp which starts June 17th. Take a look at the list and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see. I still have to add a few Beginner Knitting Classes – one specifically for teens but I haven’t decided on...

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