Rug Hooking Class and a Knit-along

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Beginner Rug Hooking Class – For those of you who have called and asked about the Beginner Rug Hooking class on June 9th, we will be going ahead. There was some concern that I didn’t have enough hoops but I do have enough. However, if you have an embroidery hoop or a Q-frame please bring it along with you to class. I will need you to come in to the store to sign up sometime in the next week. I am going to try to keep the class to 6 so you all have time to use the cutter. Knit Along – I know we all waited a very long time for the nice weather to arrive but now that it’s here I am already thinking of fall knitting. Starting June 25th Wool-Gathering will be hosting a knit along. You will have your choice of two patterns both by Tin Can Knits. The two patterns are Antler and Lush. Both of these patterns are very easy knits with a bit of a challenge around the shoulders to add to the interest. In the case of Antler the yoke area is cabled and in the case of Lush it’s lace. Both of the patterns have been rated very highly on Ravelry and both can be made in a variety of yarns. And one of the many great things about Tin Can Knits patterns is the extensive range of sizes available: you can knit either of these cardigans in sizes from 6 months to 4XL. Since we’re starting on the 25th there is time to come in to the store and pick out or order the Briggs and Little, Cascade 220, Malabrigo worsted or Sweet Georgia worsted in a colour you love. You can buy the pattern in the store through Ravelry, just bring your Ravelry ID with...

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This and That

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It feels it’s been so long since I last posted but it has only been a week. A lot has happened though…. Just a reminder that I am open tonight from 6pm until 9pm and will then be closed tomorrow until Monday night so I can take part in the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild Annual Meeting in Oshawa. If you’re able to get to Durham College on Sunday, the gallery is open to the public from 10am until 2pm at a cost of $10. I have seen some of the rugs that will be on display and I can guarantee you’ll be stunned. The Fibre Retreat in Nova Scotia is full. In fact, it’s over full so I’ve started a waiting list. I wasn’t sure how this would work out but next year I will put aside two weeks for this. Thanks to all who emailed and called about this. Your questions helped me narrow down day trips and activities and I’m already very excited about all we will be doing. There is still room in the thrum mitten class which is happening this Monday (May 26) from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. I am open tonight and you’re welcome to come in then to get your kit and to sign up but if you don’t see this in time and want to sign up just come to the class Monday half hour before the class starts which will give you time to pick your kit, cast on and knit your cuff. You need 3.5mm double points for the kit so bring them if you have them otherwise I have some in the store. I have a few projects in my knitting queue for the store which I will be making into kits. I’d also like to start a summer knit along of Tin Can Knits cardigan pattern Antler which comes in sizes from 6 months to 4XL – – something for everyone. This beautiful cardigan can be made in Cascade 220, Cascade Eco+ or Briggs and Little but there are plenty of other options as well. This is close to the top of my knitting queue so look for it in the store in July…..hopefully. I only have one person signed up for the ‘Abbreviations in a Word’ class in June. If you’re interested in this let me know by June 1st otherwise I will put it off until...

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June 14th is Knit In Public (KIP) Day

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On June 14th Wool-Gathering is hosting an event to support Knit In Public Day. At this point I am planning to have people come to the store to knit but if I can make arrangements (and if the weather looks good) I will have tables set up in the parking lot nearby and we can knit there. Please bring your knitting/crocheting/hooking and join us for an hour or more. Anyone who stays and works for an hour or more will have their name entered in to a draw for prizes. If you bring a finished knit/crochet item for Street Knits your name will be entered an additional time. And, if you bring more than 300 grams of yarn to donate to Angel Hugs your name will be entered one more time. Prizes are to be determined but of course Wool-Gathering will donate a gift certificate and I will be speaking to local businesses about donating prizes (let me know if you know of anyone who might be willing to donate something). If you are not local and want to be entered in to the draw post a picture on my Facebook page of you knitting in public and send me your name to enter it in to the draw. The draw will take place by Tuesday June 17th at the latest. I will be closed June 15th and 16th and want someone other than me to draw the names so that’s why there’s a delay. I also want to wait until people who aren’t local have a chance to post a picture so they too can be...

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Week Long Fiber Retreat in Nova Scotia (July 26-Aug 2)

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Those of you who know me know I am lucky enough to have a house in Nova Scotia about an hour south west of Halifax. The house is a weekly rental in the summer and is usually fully rented by February but this year things are different. For some reason, I am not fully booked. I see this as an opportunity, and have decided to put together a week long fiber retreat for anyone who is interested. Here’s how it will work: The price will be $800/bedroom and this will include 7 breakfasts and 3 dinners at the house plus lobster supper at the Shore Club in Hubbards. Lunch can be leftover dinner if there is anything and there will be snacks in the house and you can help yourselves. There are three bedrooms available – 2 with Queen beds and one with a double and a single. During the day there will be a number of suggested day trips – Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Halifax, the Bay of Fundy – and fiber options will be highlighted. There are plenty of knitting, rug hooking and quilting shops, loads of antiques and other interesting stores and the house is only 20 minutes away from the Hooked Rug Museum of North America. There are also a number of beaches close by and opportunities to get out on the water either by taking a ferry to the outer islands or by renting a canoe/kayak. The exact itinerary is tbd and even when it’s set will be up to the participants. Want to spend the entire day at the house with me looking out at the ocean while you hook or knit? Okay. You can be as busy or as unbusy as you’d like. As always you can reach me at if you have any questions. I will book on a first come first served basis but will require a deposit to hold the...

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What a wonderful weekend.

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I had such a wonderful weekend. I spent Saturday up in Minesing Ontario at a rug hooking hook-in at the Simcoe County Museum. There was a display of hooked rugs featuring old barns that were made from Vancouver to Newfoundland. Since I was trying to set up my booth early in the morning I just quickly looked in to the display room and almost swore I was looking at enlarged photos of beautiful rural scenery. The display of over 60 rugs was astounding, intimidating and inspiring. I wish I’d taken part in the challenge to create a rug for this but didn’t know about it until it was too late. Still, I’m glad I saw the rugs and I’m looking forward to seeing them again in Oshawa, Ontario at the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild Annual meeting from May 23-25th. This time I’m going to be able to spend time with each rug and get up close and personal. The show is going to travel over the next 2-3 years so if you’re interested in seeing it email me and I’ll let you know when it gets close. It will be at the Hooked Rug Museum in Nova Scotia for most of June this year and will then be back again but I forget if it’s later this year or next (or maybe both?). Sunday was busy in the store with many new people who had seen the article in SNAP about the Yarn Tasting we had in March. They were all excited to find a local yarn store and I realized I really have to do better at getting the word out. And, due to the inspiration of the hook-in and the fact that I bought some really great wool, I am back working on my hooked runner. I usually just leave this in the store to show people how to hook but I now have to get it finished because I have another rug I want to start (and more after that I’m sure). I also started knitting a new t-shirt for the store in Himalaya Mercan Batik. It knits up beautifully in a self striping pattern. I’m using circulars and I think this would be better on straight needles but maybe that’s just due to the pattern not emerging quite yet since it uses small needles (3mm) and there are about 250 stitches to a row. Also,...

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