Just a reminder…..

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With all the shows over the next month it’s important for you to call before you come. For now I will let you know that I am closed the following days unless I can find someone to open for me. October 4th – I will be at R.U.G. at Simcoe County Museum. October 24,25 and 26 Those are the only confirmed closed dates. I will also be away October 18th and November 1st but I think I have someone to run the store those days. Also, just a quick reminder that Melodie is starting this Friday at noon and she would love to meet all of you. Why not bring a coffee/tea and your knitting or hooking and spend a few hours getting to know her. You will save her from cleaning out my very messy front cabinet (Melodie’s idea, not...

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Fall is crazy

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So a week ago I wrote and mentioned that Melodie would be starting this Friday. Well, that’s changed. Apparently our parking lot will be paved starting this Friday and I didn’t want Melodie’s introduction to the store to be an overwhelming stench of new pavement (I actually love that smell). Also, I’m not sure what access to the store will be like but I do know that parking will be non-existent. So I’ve asked Melodie to start October 3rd instead. I will open in the evening if I’m able to get to the door. Also, as noted in the subject line of this post, fall is a crazy time for shows, events, festivals and hook-ins. I am going to be closing the store from time to time to go to these events. I’m sure I can get Melodie to cover some of them but for the bigger ones the store will be empty because I will be taking as much as I can so there’s no sense in opening. Here’s what I’ve got planned over the next 6 weeks: October 4th I will be up near Barrie...

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new hours and a new person in the shop

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Starting the week of September 22 I will be extending the store hours. I will be back in the store Tuesday evenings and will open on Sunday. And, what is really wonderful is that starting September 26th we will be open during the day starting at noon. Yeah!! If you’re available on the 26th please drop by the store to welcome Melodie to the shop. Melodie is a retired teacher who has been knitting for over 15 years. She is an avid sock knitter and enjoys knitting lace and fair isle as well. Melodie and I spent some time on Sunday picking out some sock yarn that she is excited to knit up for the store. I thought her pattern looked complicated but she tells me it’s very easy. Come take a look and weigh in on the difficulty of this little project. And, if you want to try the pattern out yourself, I have created a sock cabinet and have it filled with Malabrigo and Fleece Artist. Earlier today I received shipping notification of my Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock so that will be in there too as soon as it arrives. I had hoped to have a rug hooker working in the store on Tuesdays but I somehow deleted her email (please get in touch with me again if you’re reading this – we met at the annual and you contacted me at the end of August). Hopefully I’ll be able to sort that out soon and if so the store will open at noon on Tuesday as well. So, just to sum things up as they stand right now, here are the new hours (starting September 22): Monday – closed or by appointment or open for classes Tuesday – 6pm -8pm Wednesday – 6pm – 8pm Thursday – 6pm- 8pm Friday – 12pm 8pm Saturday – 10am – 4pm Sunday – 12pm – 4pm And, as always, I might be able to open by appointment if these times don’t work for you. With Melodie now at the store I may be able to have the store open on October 18th when I’m at the Woodstock Fleece Festival. However, I will still be closing for the Creative Festival since I intend to take some of my larger cabinets and all of the yarn that I can fit in the booth. And, Melodie wants to work at the...

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Just a little bit frazzled

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Well, I had hoped to have people hired and started at this point in time but it has not worked out. I do have two people in mind but need to get things sorted out on my end – they have both been very patient. (And, if the rug hooking lady who contacted me and sent me beautiful pictures of her fish rug is reading this could you please email me again – I cannot find your email). I also have a number of classes in mind for the fall/winter and have spoke to Fiona Ellis about doing a Knit-along of her latest pattern in Twist Collective (although all of her patterns are beautiful and any would be wonderful to knit). Fiona is very receptive but again, I need to get myself organized. I’ve posted a picture of her latest sweater below and there’s also a link to Fiona’s website. And speaking of being organized, I was so proud of myself for booking a hotel early for the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair this weekend. Then I was told about a better deal so I cancelled my booking and attempted to book the other hotel. There were no rooms left at that price and the new price was double what I would have paid at the first place (which of course was no longer available when I tried to get my room back). So lesson learned: don’t cancel until something else is booked. Or, as my Grandmother would have said ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’. Here’s a link to Fiona’s website: http://www.fionaellisonline.com/ And a picture of her latest...

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