The Community Has Spoken…..

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 | 0 comments

Last night I had the latest version of the TV show Survivor on while I worked on my latest rug.  At one point when someone was voted off the host said ‘the tribe has spoken, it’s time for you to go’.  That’s what I feel has happened in my store.  The community has spoken, it’s time for me to go. So, as of the end of February I will be closing the store at Advance Road.  I don’t get enough foot traffic in there to justify paying the rent and am only able to keep the doors open because of the shows I do.  When I sat down with my accountant and looked at this situation and removed the emotions from the discussion (very difficult), it did not make sense to continue with the retail location. I will however, be keeping the business and will be selling at any and all shows that invite me and that I’m able to get to.  In fact, I have 14 booked for next year already.  And, since I am moving my inventory to a storage locker, those of you who would like to shop in person can do so by making an appointment.  The storage locker will be set up like a small store but there will be no seating. This could appear to be bad news but I think it’s exciting.  I will have a better cash flow and can bring in new products more often (in fact, I just placed an order yesterday for a product that is new to the store that I can’t wait to touch).  I will have the time to dye yarn for rug hooking and to make up new rug hooking kits.  I will be able to knit up new items and create knitting kits that will be available at the shows I attend. I’m actually pretty excited to have some time back to start working on new ventures that will add some excitement to your craft experience. But it’s bitter sweet too.  I will miss sitting with those of you who are able to spend time in the store.  And I will miss introducing knitters to rug hooking (although I still intend to hold as many beginner classes as I can fill – I just need to find a new location).  I’ve made some great friends through this process and I appreciate all you’ve...

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