Felted Slippers

Posted by on Nov 24, 2013 |

Update on the felted slippers below.

Yesterday was a whirlwind in the store. I didn’t think many people would venture out since we had a mini-blizzard just after I opened the door but possibly the change in weather got people thinking about knitting and hooking.

A friend of mine came in and stayed for a bit to finish the first of a pair of slippers (midnattsol on Ravelry) that will be felted and will make a lovely holiday gift. I have now pulled some Briggs and Little off the shelf to make a few pairs myself. They are a very quick knit (my friend finished one and sewed it up while we visited) and unless you want different colours, this is a one skein project. Another lady saw the finished slipper and bought a skein to make a pair for her niece. Too bad I wasn’t thinking enough to pull out my camera and take a picture. I will have to remember to ask her to bring them back before she felts them and then after so I can post pictures. Of course, if I can finish the project I am working on today I might be able to get started on my own pair and could take pictures of those.

November 26: My friend came back on Sunday and finished the other slipper. I took pictures this time but of course I didn’t put a ruler or something like that in the picture for reference. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll see these are large but they will be perfect when they are felted. This is what the slipper looks like when the knitting is finished. It’s just a bunch of blocks but when sewn together it looks like this: I will get a picture of it felted hopefully this week. If you’re looking for an impressive, quick knit to give this holiday season this is it. I am so impressed with the ease of this project. I hope to get these on my needles later this week. Stay tuned.