Store closed, but business ramping up……

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I’m not sure what happened.   I closed the retail space because I needed my time back to create patterns and kits, dye wool, knit samples etc.etc.etc. but for some reason I am busier now with retail sales than I’ve ever been.  I’m meeting new and existing customers at Tim Hortons and at my storage locker almost every day.  I haven’t had time to set the locker up properly but that’s near the top of my To Do list.  For now, when customers come by, they tell me what they want to look at and I climb over the couch (with the help of a step ladder) and bring the items out in the light.  I really need to do a proper inventory both so I have a list of what’s in there but also because another item at the top of my To Do list is to set up online shopping.   Keep watching, things will change as I figure out a new system.  For now, please call if you’re looking for something and if I have it, we can meet somewhere that’s convenient for you.  Or, you can come watch me climb around the storage locker like a...

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The Community Has Spoken…..

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Last night I had the latest version of the TV show Survivor on while I worked on my latest rug.  At one point when someone was voted off the host said ‘the tribe has spoken, it’s time for you to go’.  That’s what I feel has happened in my store.  The community has spoken, it’s time for me to go. So, as of the end of February I will be closing the store at Advance Road.  I don’t get enough foot traffic in there to justify paying the rent and am only able to keep the doors open because of the shows I do.  When I sat down with my accountant and looked at this situation and removed the emotions from the discussion (very difficult), it did not make sense to continue with the retail location. I will however, be keeping the business and will be selling at any and all shows that invite me and that I’m able to get to.  In fact, I have 14 booked for next year already.  And, since I am moving my inventory to a storage locker, those of you who would like to shop in person can do so by making an appointment.  The storage locker will be set up like a small store but there will be no seating. This could appear to be bad news but I think it’s exciting.  I will have a better cash flow and can bring in new products more often (in fact, I just placed an order yesterday for a product that is new to the store that I can’t wait to touch).  I will have the time to dye yarn for rug hooking and to make up new rug hooking kits.  I will be able to knit up new items and create knitting kits that will be available at the shows I attend. I’m actually pretty excited to have some time back to start working on new ventures that will add some excitement to your craft experience. But it’s bitter sweet too.  I will miss sitting with those of you who are able to spend time in the store.  And I will miss introducing knitters to rug hooking (although I still intend to hold as many beginner classes as I can fill – I just need to find a new location).  I’ve made some great friends through this process and I appreciate all you’ve...

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So much happening

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Well, we’re off to a running start to what I call ‘Knitting Season’.  Last weekend we had two lovely groups from the TTC Knitalong come to the store.  It was wonderful to have the store full of such enthusiastic knitters.  Some were interested in rug hooking and so I’ve decided to have a beginner rug hooking class next Sunday August 30th from 10am-1pm.  We will also be holding another ever popular thrum mitten class later in October.  If you’re interested in this please email me early to get on the class list.  We typically sell out and the timing of this class makes it perfect to make a very special person a pair of very warm mitts this year. Check our events page for more upcoming shows but here are a few in the next couple of months: Aug 30 – beginning rug hooking class at Wool-Gathering Sept 12 – KW Knitters Fair in Kitchener Sept 26 – Powassan Hook In and London Hook In (I haven’t figured out the logistics of this yet…..) Oct 3 – R.U.G – Simcoe County Museum Oct 6 – The Gathering (rug hooking) at Neilson Park Oct 15-17 – Creative Festival – North Convention Center downtown Toronto Oct 17 – Woodstock Fleece Festival (again I need to figure out logistics….) Oct 26 – thrum mitten class at Wool-Gathering   Check back often for updates.  As shows, events and classes get firmed up I will post the info here. Take care –...

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It’s been way too long…..

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It seems that I can accomplish way more when I’m busy than I can when I actually have time.  I’m not sure why that is but I will blame it on my need to feel busy and if I’m not, then I put things off to create that business.  Or, you could just call it stupidity…. As many of you know I lost my job this past spring and had hoped to do loads of store stuff before I found another job.  I didn’t think it would take me this long to find a job but it has.  So if my plan worked out then everything to do with the store should be sorted out by now.  Not true.  In fact, I have forgotten where on this website I have hidden the hours so I’m not able to change them.  I’ve looked at everything and can’t find the little nook or cranny that holds that information.  The fact that I still remember my password is a major accomplishment but still, what good is it if I can’t remember where the information I need to change is kept? On the bright side, I was able to update the events pa and althogeugh there are a few more to add later on as they are confirmed, there are enough there that you can start planning your fall visits.  It’s going to be a very busy fall and I’m starting to order some of the items I think I’ll need.  Inventory will change quickly over the next few months so drop by often to see the new items. I’m off to try to find that little nook or cranny again so will sign off here.  I hope to get back soon….....

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SALE – May 9 and 10

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I’m having an “I’m sick of looking at it” sale May 9th and 10th.  Everything knitting related will be 25% off except consignment items (currently only thrum kits). I want to rearrange the store and having less inventory will help me do that.  So come on out next weekend and help me clear the shelves.  After I rearrange the store I will bring in some new and different merchandise.  If you have  any requests for new merchandise please let me know.  I’ve got some ideas of my own but am always happy to hear what you’d like to see. I’m open Saturday from 10-4 and Sunday from 12-4.  Hope to see you all this...

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