Off to Cuba….

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Well, I’m packed and I”m ready to go but I’m over my weight allowance.   Remember when we were kids and someone would ask if we would rather carry 10 pounds of rocks or 10 pounds of feathers?  Most people chose to carry 10 pounds of feathers thinking that would be lighter than 10 pounds of rocks but 10 pounds is 10 pounds.  The difference, of course would be the size of the package.  That’s where I find myself today.  I am bringing just over 30 pounds of medical supplies for a local clinic.  That didn’t seem like much and possibly to a hospital in Canada or the U.S. it isn’t, but to a clinic in Cuba and to me having to pack it, 30 pounds is a lot.  It more than fills my sons hockey bag.  In fact, I am taking two hockey bags with me: 1 and a third are filled with medical supplies.  The rest of my weight allowance is more donations, 4 t-shirts, 2 pair of shorts, a skirt, a bathing suit. and a knitting project. My plan is to make all the donations the first few days while I get used to being in the sun.  Then I’m going to find a shady spot and will park myself to read and knit for the rest of the vacation.  I hope to finish 5 books and a sweater…we will see. In case you haven’t been to the store lately and haven’t seen the sign on the door, I am closed until April 9th.  Starting April 10th I will be open longer hours until I either find another job or decide the store is my new job (something to think about while I’m in Cuba). Take care everyone, I’ll see you all...

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Where does the time go?

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I’ve neglected this page again.  That’s partly because I forget the password for this site most times and have to go look it up.  I will have to change it and make it something I can easily remember. I received a call yesterday to ask if I’d be a vendor at a quilt exhibit this summer (more information when things are confirmed).  I was also asked to come to ‘a monthly meeting or two’ over the next year.  And, I am speaking to a downtown store about carrying my rug hooking kits.  I am really torn between finding another day job (did I mention I’m losing my job at the end of this month?) or really throwing myself in to the store and seeing if I can make a go of it full-time.  I certainly have enough work to do in the store getting ready for the multitude of shows/events coming up. I have a wonderful young woman working in the store most days when I’m not available.  She will be there this Saturday while I’m in Oakville for a hook – in.  Please come by and say hello and remember to stock up on any yarn you might need before I head out on the 1st –  For those of you who do not read my Facebook page – I will be away April 1-8 and will be closing the...

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It’s been a while……

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It’s been so long since I updated this site that I forgot my user name and password.  I try to use all kinds of different user names because I was hacked once and it wasn’t fun, but I’m getting too old to remember all of these and if I wrote them down I’d likely forget where I stored them…. There’s been a lot of changes in the store.  Lots of new yarns and rug hooking fabric.  I am in the process of ordering a new line of acrylics.  In the fall I had a ‘Try Me Would You Buy Me?’ section and got lots of feedback on what types of yarns you all think I should be bringing in.  Well, I listened and am now just waiting for the shipment to arrive.  I’m excited to see some of the colours that were chosen. Oh, and very new to the store is a selection of hand dyed wool that can be used in rug hooking.  I call these skeins Higgledy Piggledy   hig·gle·dy-pig·gle·dy       Origin  late 16th century: rhyming jingle, probably with reference to the irregular herding together of pigs. 2.  in a confused, disordered, or random manner <tiny hovels piled higgledy–piggledy against each other — Edward Behr> Because of the way these skeins are dyed, they create beautiful colour patterns when hooked and although some are dyed together no two are alike. Come in to the store to see the two samples I have and the wonderful options of colours. Over the next couple of months I will be at a number of shows/events (see the events page).  I will make every attempt to keep the store open but at times I won’t be able to.  Some of the events are large and will require me to take almost all of my inventory.  Please consider calling before you come by (647-785-5394).  I’d hate to have you make the trip only to find the door locked. And, having said that, I will be changing my hours for summer.  I’m not sure when I will do this or what the changes will be.  I just wanted to mention summer since winter seems to finally be on its way...

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Why Wool-Gathering ??

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I typically approach every situation with the understanding that I am the least intelligent person in the room. So, with that understanding, I always figure anything I know, you know as well. When I opened the store, I thought about a number of names but quickly settled on Wool-Gathering. I chose this for a number of reasons not least of which was its actual definition: woolgathering [woo l-gath-er-ing] noun 1. indulgence in idle fancies and in daydreaming; absentmindedness: His woolgathering was a handicap in school. 2. gathering of the tufts of wool shed by sheep and caught on bushes. The store has been a dream of mine for so long that it made sense to name it what it actually was – my daydream. The name also worked with knitting wool and hooking wool and was less intimidating than my second choice – Wooly Mammoth. I didn’t explain the name because (see the first sentence) I figured everyone knew the meaning but last night in the store I was talking to a customer and she asked about the name and how I came upon it. I explained and she said she’d never heard the term before so I figured I’d let you all know….just in case you ever come across this in a game of...

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Where did October go?

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I can’t believe October is almost gone and we will be turning the clocks back this weekend. Fall is my favourite time of year but it keeps going by too quickly. I’m still looking for a country with fall weather all year long. If anyone knows of one be sure to let me know.

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How Could This Happen?

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There’s a new TV show called How To Get Away With Murder. In the commercials for the show the teacher walks in and says ‘I’m not sure what bad thing you did in your life to be put in my class but clearly your karma is off’…or something like that. Well, clearly my karma is off today. For the first time I can remember I left for my one hour commute without a knitting project or a book to read. Last year I got an ipad so I could take credit card payments at the store. And then I discovered I could do so much more with it and became a little addicted. I always have a number of books, audio books, games etc ready to go. Then earlier in the spring I stupidly ran over my phone and had to buy a replacement just to get me to the end of the term with my carrier. When the term ended I decided to get an iphone. I still loved my ipad but having an iphone was easier. I just assumed that because they both belonged to me, they would know that and would share programs. Last night I finished up the tail end of two small projects. I’m thinking of making myself a vest with some Noro I have but I haven’t nailed down a pattern yet so I do not have anything on my needles at the moment. I can’t remember the last time that happened – I typically have two or five projects I’m working on. I even raced over to the store this morning to see if there was anything I could just pick up and knit but I that would involve figuring out what to make, winding the skeins, finding the needles and I just didn’t have the time. I usually listen to an audio book while I knit but figured today I’d just read instead. So this morning, I raced off to work with my iphone (the ipad is in the store since the store is now open at noon on Fridays), got a seat on the subway (not sure how that happened) and proceeded to search for the books that were not there. I couldn’t believe it. Of course it makes sense that this would happen – how are the two devices supposed to share things? But still, that left me with...

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