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This business is very different than I thought it would be when I started. There were things I could not anticipate, things I didn’t even think to consider and opportunities I didn’t know existed.

After the recent and very successful weekend at the Creativ Festival in Mississauga I have decided to do as many of these types of shows as I can find. Things have slowed for the spring but luckily this appears to be when festivals and events are ramping up. So, I will be closing the store here and there to go to these shows. I had the store open in January when I went to a rug hooking event but the store looked awful with half of the inventory removed so I think it’s better to close the store. I will post a notice on the door well in advance of closing and will try to update my website – I am social media illiterate but will try to figure this out.

And, since it takes quite a bit to prepare for the shows I am going to change the store hours for the summer.

I set my original hours with the intention of being open as much as I could but found it was too much. I changed the hours in January and will change them again after the long weekend in May. I haven’t made any decisions yet on the new hours but this is what I’m thinking: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – closed. Wed – Friday 6pm to 8pm Saturday 10-5. Now, if I’m at a show and I close on Saturday then I will open Sunday 12-4. And, I might also stay open Tuesday night – I don’t know. Also, I live 5 minutes from the store and will be at the store often getting ready for shows. When I’m there I will put the ‘open’ sign up. You can also phone me and let me know you’d like to come by and I will open the store. I know people might feel they are putting me out by doing this but honestly I will be spending loads of time at the store making kits, creating knitted items and patterns, packing and unpacking so it’s no problem at all. If I know you well enough I may even put you to work for a bit 🙂

Thanks for all the feedback on my previous post. I always love to hear from you!

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