How Could This Happen?

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There’s a new TV show called How To Get Away With Murder. In the commercials for the show the teacher walks in and says ‘I’m not sure what bad thing you did in your life to be put in my class but clearly your karma is off’…or something like that.

Well, clearly my karma is off today. For the first time I can remember I left for my one hour commute without a knitting project or a book to read.

Last year I got an ipad so I could take credit card payments at the store. And then I discovered I could do so much more with it and became a little addicted. I always have a number of books, audio books, games etc ready to go. Then earlier in the spring I stupidly ran over my phone and had to buy a replacement just to get me to the end of the term with my carrier. When the term ended I decided to get an iphone. I still loved my ipad but having an iphone was easier. I just assumed that because they both belonged to me, they would know that and would share programs.

Last night I finished up the tail end of two small projects. I’m thinking of making myself a vest with some Noro I have but I haven’t nailed down a pattern yet so I do not have anything on my needles at the moment. I can’t remember the last time that happened – I typically have two or five projects I’m working on. I even raced over to the store this morning to see if there was anything I could just pick up and knit but I that would involve figuring out what to make, winding the skeins, finding the needles and I just didn’t have the time. I usually listen to an audio book while I knit but figured today I’d just read instead.

So this morning, I raced off to work with my iphone (the ipad is in the store since the store is now open at noon on Fridays), got a seat on the subway (not sure how that happened) and proceeded to search for the books that were not there. I couldn’t believe it. Of course it makes sense that this would happen – how are the two devices supposed to share things? But still, that left me with an hour to sit without a book and without my knitting. It was awful.

I spent that hour looking around and wondering what people do on their commute. Many read, some sleep, too many listen to music that is way too loud and leaks out of their headphones and some just sit and stare straight ahead. I think commuters need a creative outlet to start their day and wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Toronto Transit Commission would set up one subway car for crafters? Anyone who wanted to learn to knit or crochet could spend time in the morning doing so. Those of us who already know, could work on our projects and provide help and advice to beginners. That subway car could be a travelling classroom.

Of course, this would only work for me if I actually had something to knit and at the moment I do not. I am really not looking forward to the commute home….

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