It Happened at the Creative Festival…

Posted by on Nov 16, 2013 |

I was at the store tonight and started hooking a rug I have had hanging around for way too long. It’s a hit n miss rug of all different size squares and rectangles. I’ve been working on it off and on and like that I can start and stop without much thought.

Tonight though when I started, I set up on my frame with a one inch square dead center. The square had been hooked by a lady from China who was in Toronto visiting her daughter. They both decided to come to the Festival and thankfully they found my booth. The mother could not speak English but the daughter translated everything for both of us. The mother was fascinated with hooking and took to it immediately. She watched me work for a bit and then I asked if she wanted to try. She did, so she sat down and started hooking. In no time she had that one inch square hooked and her loops were almost perfect.

She bought a kit and asked me if I’d be back at the Festival next year. I was silent for a minute and almost said I wasn’t even sure if I’d be in business in a year but I ended up saying I didn’t know. She asked me to please be there next year because she wanted to come back and show me the beautiful trivet she made from the kit she bought. She then gave me one of the nicest hugs I have ever had.

I decided to keep the square she hooked and am planning to finish the rug to have in my booth next year. I hope she comes back and I can point out her work in the rug. If you see the rug you may think it would be hard to find that one square but each time I look at the rug my eyes are drawn right to it.

I have one regret though. I wish I’d thought to give her the sample I had at the show. She does not read English so could not understand the directions in the kit and having that sample would have helped. I know it’s a long-shot but if the daughter ever reads this please email me and let me know where I can send the trivet so your mother has something to work by.