June 14th is Knit In Public (KIP) Day

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On June 14th Wool-Gathering is hosting an event to support Knit In Public Day. At this point I am planning to have people come to the store to knit but if I can make arrangements (and if the weather looks good) I will have tables set up in the parking lot nearby and we can knit there. Please bring your knitting/crocheting/hooking and join us for an hour or more. Anyone who stays and works for an hour or more will have their name entered in to a draw for prizes. If you bring a finished knit/crochet item for Street Knits your name will be entered an additional time. And, if you bring more than 300 grams of yarn to donate to Angel Hugs your name will be entered one more time.

Prizes are to be determined but of course Wool-Gathering will donate a gift certificate and I will be speaking to local businesses about donating prizes (let me know if you know of anyone who might be willing to donate something).

If you are not local and want to be entered in to the draw post a picture on my Facebook page of you knitting in public and send me your name to enter it in to the draw.

The draw will take place by Tuesday June 17th at the latest. I will be closed June 15th and 16th and want someone other than me to draw the names so that’s why there’s a delay. I also want to wait until people who aren’t local have a chance to post a picture so they too can be entered.

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