Just a little bit frazzled

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Well, I had hoped to have people hired and started at this point in time but it has not worked out. I do have two people in mind but need to get things sorted out on my end – they have both been very patient. (And, if the rug hooking lady who contacted me and sent me beautiful pictures of her fish rug is reading this could you please email me again – I cannot find your email). I also have a number of classes in mind for the fall/winter and have spoke to Fiona Ellis about doing a Knit-along of her latest pattern in Twist Collective (although all of her patterns are beautiful and any would be wonderful to knit). Fiona is very receptive but again, I need to get myself organized. I’ve posted a picture of her latest sweater below and there’s also a link to Fiona’s website.

And speaking of being organized, I was so proud of myself for booking a hotel early for the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair this weekend. Then I was told about a better deal so I cancelled my booking and attempted to book the other hotel. There were no rooms left at that price and the new price was double what I would have paid at the first place (which of course was no longer available when I tried to get my room back). So lesson learned: don’t cancel until something else is booked. Or, as my Grandmother would have said ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’.

Here’s a link to Fiona’s website: http://www.fionaellisonline.com/

And a picture of her latest creation:


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