Off to Cuba….

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Well, I’m packed and I”m ready to go but I’m over my weight allowance.   Remember when we were kids and someone would ask if we would rather carry 10 pounds of rocks or 10 pounds of feathers?  Most people chose to carry 10 pounds of feathers thinking that would be lighter than 10 pounds of rocks but 10 pounds is 10 pounds.  The difference, of course would be the size of the package.  That’s where I find myself today.  I am bringing just over 30 pounds of medical supplies for a local clinic.  That didn’t seem like much and possibly to a hospital in Canada or the U.S. it isn’t, but to a clinic in Cuba and to me having to pack it, 30 pounds is a lot.  It more than fills my sons hockey bag.  In fact, I am taking two hockey bags with me: 1 and a third are filled with medical supplies.  The rest of my weight allowance is more donations, 4 t-shirts, 2 pair of shorts, a skirt, a bathing suit. and a knitting project.

My plan is to make all the donations the first few days while I get used to being in the sun.  Then I’m going to find a shady spot and will park myself to read and knit for the rest of the vacation.  I hope to finish 5 books and a sweater…we will see.

In case you haven’t been to the store lately and haven’t seen the sign on the door, I am closed until April 9th.  Starting April 10th I will be open longer hours until I either find another job or decide the store is my new job (something to think about while I’m in Cuba).

Take care everyone, I’ll see you all soon.

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