Knitting Wool

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Knitting Wool

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -“

― Heraclitus

I can attest to this. Late August when I was setting up the store I thought I had come upon the best possible layout. I knew where the yarn would go and where the rug hooking wool would go. The tables would separate the areas without blocking them off.

That worked until I ordered more yarn than I had space for. I then had to add a couple of cabinets and move things around a bit. That too worked until I came home from a very successful weekend at the Creativ Festival with more yarn than I started with. This is because I met Rhichard Devrieze and am lucky enough to be carrying his beautiful hand dyed yarn in the store. I brought back enough to fill two shelves and that started the changes all over again. I still have some work to do to fit everything in but I’m happy that at least I know where things will go…for now.

That happiness is going to be short lived. I came home yesterday to a notice that I had missed the FedEx guy who was bringing an order of yarn from Briggs and Little in New Brunswick. Some of this yarn is special orders for weavers and dyers but some will end up in the store and will make lovely warm cardigans for this coming winter.

I also received notice that my yarn shipment from Sweet Georgia yarns in Vancouver has been shipped and should arrive early next week. I’ve forgotten all that’s in this order but I know there’s at least 3 colours of sock yarn and some worsted weight. I’m very excited to see the yarn and hope it’s sent in a really nice box since I am not sure I have shelf space for it. I will figure something out though because not long after that shipment arrives I am expecting a shipment from Fleece Artist in Nova Scotia. I’ve ordered kits from them which will make great last minute presents for the knitter in your life. And, if you’re lucky enough to be the recipient of the finished product you will have a wonderful pair of socks or a warm pair of thrum mittens.

But it doesn’t stop there. Monday I am meeting with the local rep for Madeline Tosh and will be placing an order.  I don’t know how quickly it will arrive in the store – I’ll know more on Monday – I just hope I have enough time to get more cabinets.

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