Store closed, but business ramping up……

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 | 0 comments

I’m not sure what happened.


I closed the retail space because I needed my time back to create patterns and kits, dye wool, knit samples etc.etc.etc. but for some reason I am busier now with retail sales than I’ve ever been.  I’m meeting new and existing customers at Tim Hortons and at my storage locker almost every day.  I haven’t had time to set the locker up properly but that’s near the top of my To Do list.  For now, when customers come by, they tell me what they want to look at and I climb over the couch (with the help of a step ladder) and bring the items out in the light.  I really need to do a proper inventory both so I have a list of what’s in there but also because another item at the top of my To Do list is to set up online shopping.


Keep watching, things will change as I figure out a new system.  For now, please call if you’re looking for something and if I have it, we can meet somewhere that’s convenient for you.  Or, you can come watch me climb around the storage locker like a monkey….

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