Store update – more wool and a new beginner kit

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 | 0 comments

Those of you who come in to the store over the next few weeks will notice some changes.

I have bought a new cabinet to house some of the new wool I’m getting in the store. This new wool has been specially dyed for Wool-Gathering and I am so excited to see it. It is scheduled to arrive today or Wednesday and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s today. It would have been just perfect for the Antler knit along but I’ve already gotten both of my sleeves done and will be starting on the body tonight. Still, this is such a nice knit that I will likely make another one. And there’s always the other knit-along pattern – Lush also by Tin Can Knits so maybe I’ll start that.

I’m not scheduled to be open tonight but I will be there to move some furniture around and get this cabinet set up. If the wool arrives I will be arranging it on the shelves (and likely hoarding some of it under the cash register). And if the wool does not arrive I still have plenty of work to do getting ready for the fall shows I’ve signed up for.

I’ve designed and partially hooked a new beginner kit that I’m excited about. I still get people in asking for the first kit I made so I will continue that but this one is a fun, whimsical sheep and I’m really enjoying working on it. I’ve hooked the sheep and just need to do the background. Once I’ve completed my hooking I will be asking one of my customers to hook another one to make sure I have the wool calculations correct and after that I hope to offer it in the store (probably mid-August). The kit will be offered in a number of different backgrounds and I can even customize the background if I have a bit of time to do this. Look for a picture on Facebook today.

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