Thrumb Mitten Workshop

Posted by on Nov 28, 2013 |

I am so excited to have scheduled a thrumb mitten class. These kits have been in the store for a short time and always seem to generate lots of discussion.

Thrum Kits

Thrum Kits

I will admit to attempting this once before but I couldn’t get the thrumb right. There is certainly a skill to it and you will learn that skill from Patrick Madden.

Patrick has taught many knitting workshops in a number of locations across Ontario. He’s also the former VP of the Downtown Knit Collective and is always very helpful and personable.

I had ordered enough kits for this workshop but have sold some so will be placing a new order by December 7th. The wool and fleece for these are hand dyed to order and I need to leave a bit of time for Fleece Artist to take time off at Christmas. If you’d like to sign up for this workshop come in to Wool-Gathering as soon as possible to pay for the course and the kit ($55 total). Please check out Fleece Artist colours at: and choose which you would like for the main colour. Fleece Artist will then dye fleece to match.