What a wonderful weekend.

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I had such a wonderful weekend. I spent Saturday up in Minesing Ontario at a rug hooking hook-in at the Simcoe County Museum. There was a display of hooked rugs featuring old barns that were made from Vancouver to Newfoundland. Since I was trying to set up my booth early in the morning I just quickly looked in to the display room and almost swore I was looking at enlarged photos of beautiful rural scenery. The display of over 60 rugs was astounding, intimidating and inspiring. I wish I’d taken part in the challenge to create a rug for this but didn’t know about it until it was too late. Still, I’m glad I saw the rugs and I’m looking forward to seeing them again in Oshawa, Ontario at the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild Annual meeting from May 23-25th. This time I’m going to be able to spend time with each rug and get up close and personal. The show is going to travel over the next 2-3 years so if you’re interested in seeing it email me and I’ll let you know when it gets close. It will be at the Hooked Rug Museum in Nova Scotia for most of June this year and will then be back again but I forget if it’s later this year or next (or maybe both?).

Sunday was busy in the store with many new people who had seen the article in SNAP about the Yarn Tasting we had in March. They were all excited to find a local yarn store and I realized I really have to do better at getting the word out.

And, due to the inspiration of the hook-in and the fact that I bought some really great wool, I am back working on my hooked runner. I usually just leave this in the store to show people how to hook but I now have to get it finished because I have another rug I want to start (and more after that I’m sure).

I also started knitting a new t-shirt for the store in Himalaya Mercan Batik. It knits up beautifully in a self striping pattern. I’m using circulars and I think this would be better on straight needles but maybe that’s just due to the pattern not emerging quite yet since it uses small needles (3mm) and there are about 250 stitches to a row. Also, I keep stopping and admiring the yarn which doesn’t help me get the project finished.

I applied to carry a new yarn in the store. More on that if I’m accepted but I will ask you all to keep your fingers crossed since the yarn is beautiful and I know you’ll all like it.

Someone once asked me if I could have a million of anything other than dollars/money what it would be. I didn’t really have an answer then but now I know I’d like to have a million extra hours to knit and hook. I need them with the project list I have.

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