Where does the time go?

Posted by on Mar 24, 2015 | 0 comments

I’ve neglected this page again.  That’s partly because I forget the password for this site most times and have to go look it up.  I will have to change it and make it something I can easily remember.

I received a call yesterday to ask if I’d be a vendor at a quilt exhibit this summer (more information when things are confirmed).  I was also asked to come to ‘a monthly meeting or two’ over the next year.  And, I am speaking to a downtown store about carrying my rug hooking kits.  I am really torn between finding another day job (did I mention I’m losing my job at the end of this month?) or really throwing myself in to the store and seeing if I can make a go of it full-time.  I certainly have enough work to do in the store getting ready for the multitude of shows/events coming up.

I have a wonderful young woman working in the store most days when I’m not available.  She will be there this Saturday while I’m in Oakville for a hook – in.  Please come by and say hello and remember to stock up on any yarn you might need before I head out on the 1st –  For those of you who do not read my Facebook page – I will be away April 1-8 and will be closing the store.

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